Sunday Short Takes

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m going to put the three non-Richard III stories at the top, so all of you who are tired of that story can just skip the rest of the post. :)

* Shoulder of wren with salad: diets and debt in Elizabethan England – Interesting article on the UK National Archives blog about a draft letter by Elizabeth I

* Fit for a king – Article by Jonathan Foyle (who is a fun follow on Twitter!) for the Financial Times about an extraordinary bed

* BBC2 builds on Richard III frenzy with Tudors season – So if I’m reading the article correctly, Thomas Penn will be doing a documentary on Henry VII? Yay!

And now for more Richard III stories! I’ve chosen some more articles that came out after my initial round-up that I found particularly informative.

* The Search for King Richard III – The Scientific Outcome – YouTube video of Monday’s press conference

* Who, What, Why: What is the method for reconstructing Richard III’s face? – Information on the methodology of reconstructing Richard’s face from the skull

* Reconstructing Richard III’s resting place – Overshadowed by the facial reconstruction was the story of the reproduction of what the Greyfriar’s Church may have looked like. (not a lot of info here, but a few interesting artist’s recreations)

* Richard III: The Royal Armouries’ Bob Woosnam-Savage on the violent death of the King in battle – Information on the weapons and armor of the period that would have been used at the Battle of Bosworth and a first attempt at figuring out what Richard III’s final moments would have been like.

* The Princess and the Gene Pool: The Plantagenet rebel who held the secret to Richard III’s DNA – Article by Sarah Gristwood about Anne of York, Richard’s sister whose descendants were crucial to the confirmation of the skeleton.

And one final thing I wanted to post about the find…

I have The Royal Tombs of Great Britain: An Illustrated History by Aidan Dodson checked out from my university’s library (because it was WAY too expensive to buy!) and after all of the news of this past week, I decided to skip ahead to read the entry on Richard III and was struck by this passage in the “Post-interment history”:

A squat pillar inscribed to mark Richard’s burial place was apparently to be seen in the house of Robert Herrick, Mayor of Leicester in 1612. It thus remains possible that the body may still remain in its original position, below the modern street or buildings, near Friar Lane and the Greyfriars.

I would say, yes, it is a distinct possibility. :)

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