then and now…

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

by Art Chantry:

the black panther logo. designed by emory douglas (with input from bobby seale). an american classic. an icon.


…don’t forget the ‘white panthers’ (john sinclair’s organization around the MC5). they simply used the thing in white against black. and the young lion’s conspiracy borrowed the image, too. and don’t forget a bazillion tattoo parlors. in fact, this image is probably one of the most lifted images in american subculture (next to the peace symbol (the logo for the british ‘ban the bomb’ movement – designer escapes my mind at the moment) and the happy face (by harvey ball). i don’t think the panthers were savvy enough to copyright the image. also, i don’t think they originally philosophically believed in such things. but times change and now it’s too late. i saw bobby seale talk a year or two back and i asked him about the logo. he began to bristle when he talked about it – both with pride and with anger. but, what can you do?

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