Medieval Batman Cosplay Worth the Click-Through

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

(Via*Super Hero Photography by Adam Jay. Head here for the full photoset.)

For once, my post is not deceptively titled. It is what it is. Good show.

Though, for the record, it is the long-standing position of this blog that Medieval Batman should be more Robin Hood than Black Knight.** Or, barring that, Robert the Bruce.

  1. * Well, actually Via various posts about the sexy Venom Rule 63 cosplay that got banned by Facebook. But I’m not going to cop to that in the actual post text. What would my proper academic followers think?  
        †  Proper academic followers don’t read footnotes, right? []
  2. ** Who is Dark and an Actual Knight and Not a Metaphorical Knight that is Metaphorically Dark []

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