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The “Aryans” no longer exist; yet a distant murmur of their lost language lives still, spoken a handful from a tribe of Nuristanis…

Some of the available evidence as to their cultural origin is certainly puzzling. They live in wooden houses ornamented with carvings that resemble those of the Balkans or the Pyrenees. They use chairs and tables rather than sit on the ground, as their neighbors do- but the chairs have curved rawhide seats like those of the ancient Aegean. Until their conversion to Islam the Kafirs made wine and poured libations, like the classical Greeks. In their athletic games they toss a stone shot-put and a sort of discus. They play a four-stringed harp, the waj, which is unlike any instrument found in the world today but closely resembles the angle harps of ancient Sumer, dating from the third millennium B.C. The music theyplay on it sounds tunefully Balkan rather than Asian, with rippling melodies that are tinged with a certain melancholy.

—The Kalash perform certain dances in this sacred enclosure that seem to induce trances. The high pitch of flutes and drums and the mediating presence of shamanic individuals “speaking in tongues” during their trances heighten the fervor of the ceremony which culminates in the sacrifice of a goat.
I found it astonishing that this expression of a completely different way of life had somehow managed to survive in the often fanatical religious climate of late twentieth-century Pakistani culture. It can only be because they are so remote and because there has been international pressure from anthropologists to preserve what is left of this fascinating remnant of an ancient tribe. There is also a commercial side to this—some visitors come to northern Pakistan specifically to see the Kalash. I met a Japanese fellow there who told me he had come precisely for that reason.
My elation was not lost on my Afghan companions who spoke dismissively about the kafirs, idolators, and their idol worship. At one point we walked into a burial grounds. There were wooden coffins placed on top of stones on the ground. Most of the coffins were clearly quite old but one was of freshly carved wood. Two of my companions went over to it and opened it by sliding the top to one side. I was shocked and cried out in protest.
“What are you doing?” I shouted angrily.
“Don’t be upset Sikandar,” one of them laughed. “We are just looking to see who is in it.”
“How would you feel if someone opened your parent’s grave?” I continued.
“It’s not the same, Sikandar. They are kafirs, infidels.”
“It certainly is the same. This is a human being!” I snapped.—Read More:http://www.spyoftheheart.com/c12.php

But it is the antiquity of their language that provides the best clue to their past. An authority on Indo-Aryan languages, Georg Morgenstierne, once said that Kafiri, “probably derived from the language of an early wave of Aryan invaders, forerunners of the later…tribes pushing on, from Central Asia, towards the plains of India. The ancestors of the later Kafirs were then pushed back by these their more numerous and stronger successors into the remote and till recently inaccessible valleys where they have been able to preserve, not only their ancient religion but a number of special cultural features, such as sitting on chairs, drinking wine, and so on.”

None of this has any bearing on the thoroughly discredited Aryan myth so far as it pertains to Europe. Archaeologists and linguists now agree that the word “Aryan” cannot be used to describe a race, but only those people who spoke the early Indo-Aryan languages.One thing emerges from prehistory: a great migration of peoples began in Asia around the second millennium B.C.:they are probably the same “Aryas” who are mentioned later in Vedic literature.

—So, when the jihadists are fighting the kafirs, killing, looting and enslaving the kafirs, the jihadist are doing a favor to the kafirs, because the kafirs are receiving benefits from the moslem jihadists. We, the kafirs, should be thankful to the jihadists for being murdered and robbed….The second statement, is taken from an article entitled “The Attributes of the Believers as Defined in Surah Al-Mu’minun” (LINK – expired). This article was published in the 19th issue of Nida’ul Islam magazine (taken off the Internet), July – August 1997. It says the following:
“Hence, when captives in war fall as bondswomen, it was permissible for Muslims to have sexual relations with those who they possessed. This sexual relation is to satisfy the natural need of the captured women, so that they do not involve [sic] in filthy sexual relations like what is happening today with the prisoners of war all over the world under the New World Order, even though policies have forbidden them.”
The above statements was given to explain Al Mu’minun 6:
“Except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that the right hand possess, for then, they are free from blame”.
Not only are the jihadists doing favors for the kafirs laknatullah when they are butchering, looting and enslaving them, but they are also doing favors for the kafir women by raping them and helping them avoid commiting zina (adultery)….Read More:http://www.australianislamistmonitor.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1402&Itemid=64 image:http://euroheritage.net/greeksinasia.shtml

Waves of these invaders laid the foundations of the present population of the Iranian plateau and the Indian subcontinent, giving it an Indo-European language base. What they looked like, no one is now in a position to ascertain; perhaps some of thm did resemble the Kafir villagers. But the present day inhabitants of the Hindu Kush are so far removed from the mysterious original Aryans in time that they can no longer serve as a valid anthropological “control group.”


(see link at end)…

Once the Afghan refugees and the Tablighis became entrenched in Chitral, the forced conversion of the Kafirs began. Gun-toting Tablighis made it clear that in order to go on living in Pakistan (Pakistan means “Land of the Pure”) the Kafirs must convert to Islam. For the Kafirs any place beyond the Kalash Valley is as alien as Mars. The kidnapping and forced marriage–and hence forced conversion–of the Kafir women to the Muslims, mostly Tablighi Pathans, continues to this day

ese women are not allowed to see their relatives unless the relatives also convert. It is no secret that many of these women are sold at auction. Men are circumcised against their will. The Tablighis carry klashnikovs as a matter of routine and have killed many Kafirs who resisted conversion to the Tablighi Islam. No Kafir is allowed to carry a gun.

The poverty of the Kafirs has also been a big factor in their conversion to Tablighi Islam. Within the Chitral society they are completely ostracized for being “Kafirs”, a term that illiterate people (and illiteracy in Chitral is the norm) understand to mean “infidels.” The government does not give loans to Kafirs; the police and the judiciary have never taken any action against the appropriation of Kafir land by the Tablighis. The only source of income for the Kafirs are the Tablighis who lend them money at high interest. Since the Kafirs cannot pay off these loans, the only course left for them is either to convert or surrender their properties to the Tablighis.

While electricity, available through gasoline generators, and tap water are available to every Muslim in the Kalash Valley, and loudspeakers relay azzan and Koranic recitations throughout the day, there is not a single Kafir house that has electricity or a water tap. Their living conditions are indescribable. The Chitral winter is Siberian. The mosques and seminaries have heaters and warm water. The Kafirs’ houses remain dark all winter, and they have to melt snow for drinking water. They cut wood to make fire. Their houses are actually large single rooms that remain shut for the six months of winter. Humans and animals live in them together. One can only imagine the stink and the lack of sanitation. There are no toilets. In summer, people use the open fields to relieve themselves; in winter they relieve themselves inside their houses, the same as their animals. One finds human and animal waste everywhere.

Read More:http://www.gowanusbooks.com/kafirs.htm

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