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Stone Age tools found in Yemen show humans settled in Arabia 63,000 years ago. One new site is the study’s subject, Shi’bat Dihya, located along the Wadi Sudud (see map below). Excavating down to a level dating to perhaps 63,000 years ago, when the region was quite arid, the team found some “5,488 artifacts” — […] Read story


Review: The Trebor Story

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Doncaster Butterscotch. Treacle Jacks. Licorice Flaps. Grannies Chest Tablets. Fudge Fancy Boxes. These are some of the names which decorate the end papers of this handsome book. Okay, to our 21C ears I’ve chosen some slightly risqué examples, but they represent a handful of the 400-plus product lines produced by London confectionery company Trebor in […] Read story

when that day arrives

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The end of days. The messianic era. There is a degree of excitement, or urgency of the uplifting nature that revelation provides regarding the repairing of the world, its redemption and the long promised golden road of devotion and freedom. … Continue reading → Read story

exile: angels in b

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by Art Chantry: this is a nifty photo of the original pasted up ‘artwork” (such as it is) of the rolling stones’ “exile on main street” LP cover. it belongs to the permanenet collection of the EMP (experience music project) … Continue reading → Read story

Today in depressing auction news, a beaded, quilled hide shirt with white weasel fur fringe and human hair decoration worn by Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph sold at the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction in Reno, Nevada on July 21st for $877,500 to yet another anonymous private collector. This particular garment is of major historical significance. […] Read story

Described as “hugely exciting” and “bizarre,” the unique skeleton was uncovered by students in England. Read story

The Nightingale (Ruisenor)   Huacani was curious. He wanted to go with his friend Vagoniona to visit the Caves of Souls; it was forbidden to vis… Read story