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Posted: June 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The debate raged on TBN between the young and old earth creationists, Ken Ham leading the charge for the young earth, as the Bible reads, and Hugh Ross for the old, as mainstream science says must be the age of the earth and universe, contradicting the clear history laid out in the book of Genesis where the lineages of the generations back to Adam indicate his life about 6,000 years ago (ten long generations before Noah), at the time of the beginning of the earth and universe.

Ham predictably won the debate, the texts of Holy Scripture cited such as Exodus 20:11 rendering foolish Ross’s notion that God really meant to say the earth is billions of years old yet chose to say so in obscurely cloaked verbiage which only the educated would be able to understand after much study, code of course for Hugh Ross’s desperate attempt to shoehorn the billions of years mandated by mainstream science into the clear intended history laid out in the book of Genesis.

Ross insisted that Noah’s Flood was a worldwide flood, but not global, whatever that’s supposed to mean, and Ham didn’t challenge him on that, but according to what Ross has said previously about this, he’s changed from Noah’s Flood having been a local flood of lower Mesopatamia to saying it was the end of the Ice Age sea level rise, which he says killed all humans but those on Noah’s Ark, how ridiculous!

Of course the gradually rising floodwater of just a local flood or Ross’s “worldwide flood” now apparently espoused as the end of the Ice Age both would have been avoided by people merely walking to higher ground.  As Ken Ham said, if you don’t acknowledge the global flood described in the Bible then you leave the door wide open to the darwinian timeline to which Ross certainly adheres, claiming ‘though the darwinian evolution is not fact, but that God created the “species” of animals progressively through hundreds of millions of years.

Ham also left unchallenged Ross’s use of the term species, that’s Darwin’s term, which actually has no classification value because many “species” interbreed, such that only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark.  And Ham said nothing about the Ice Age, which must have been caused by the geothermally heated ocean after Noah’s Flood, nor the submerged “bronze age” ruins which prove that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c., nor did he bring up the point that if there was no genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, only eight humans on the Ark, then the Table of Nations of Genesis 10 is rendered superfluous.

And the ardent Ham, doing his best while ‘though self-hamstrung by his professional jealousy, thereby failed to note the ancient mapping method explained here which tells how the ancients settled the whole world within centuries after Noah’s Flood, the clans of the Table of Nations often having navigated to far-flung locations such as to where would be Atlantis after the Tower of Babel where the language groups we know today were manifested at God’s command.

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